Armenia Security Council Secretary: Azerbaijanis managed to enter territory because border isn’t fully equipped, Armenia

There is still no success in dislocating the Azerbaijanis from the territory of Armenia, and negotiations are in progress. This is what Secretary of the Security Council of Armenia Armen Grigoryan said during an interview aired on Armenian Public Television, touching upon the Azerbaijani soldiers’ entrance into the territory of Sev Litch (Black Lake).

“Negotiations also contain messages and alarms in order to solve the issue quickly. During the negotiations, we see that we’re moving towards a settlement of the issue. If the issue isn’t solved before addressing the Collective Security Treaty Organization, it will unequivocally be solved right after the intervention of the CSTO,” he said.

Asked how is it that Azerbaijan is able to enter the territory of Armenia, the Secretary of the Security Council stated that there were changes on the border after the war and Armenia didn’t manage to fully equip the border during the winter.

“You know that the borderline has been extended, and in these conditions, it was impossible to solve all the issues at once, but we will definitely solve all the issues over time. I understand our compatriots’ concerns, but we’re doing everything we can,” Grigoryan said.

During a parliamentary session on May 3, Nikol Pashinyan had said that the border of the Syunik and Gegharkunik Provinces of Armenia is properly equipped, but, of course, the works are being carried out secretly so that neither the locals nor the Azerbaijanis notice anything.

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