Artur Vanetsyan: We have just four and a half years to reinforce our army

Panorama,  Armenia

During one of his regional visits, former Director of Armenia’s National Security Service, Chairman of the Homeland Party Artur Vanetsyan was hosted by a family in Urtsadzor, a village in Ararat Province of Armenia.

The mother of the family raised the safety issue: "I have three children; how can I sleep peacefully at night?"

“Security is an invisible thing; as long as a person is safe, he does not understand that a problem may arise tomorrow. Today, they reshape Syunik as they want, they do whatever they want. It cannot proceed like this. We have just four and a half years to re-equip and reinforce our army and to restore the security system in order to be able to withstand all threats,” he said.

Commenting on his decision to step down as National Security Service chief, Vanetsyan said after correctly assessing the situation, he realized that he could not remain in office, adding otherwise people would have blamed him now.

The program on Vanetsyan’s visit will be aired on ArmNews late on Monday. 

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