Artur Danielyan: Propaganda aimed at ‘disintegrating Syunik’ will start soon in Armenia

Panorama,  Armenia

The Founder of Adekvat Union Artur Danielyan writes on Facebook:  "The Saudi import to Turkey fell by 93.7% this year to compare with last year's data. This means, the Saudis actually cease economic relations with the Turks.

In parallel to this, the Head of Political Planning Department at the Saudi Foreign Ministry stated that there is a hope to settle relations with Iran. The two countries had broken diplomatic relations 5 years ago when in the territory of Yemen Iranian SKADs fell over the Saudis.

The Saudi official stressed that the progress is conditioned with progress possible in the Iranian nuclear deal," Danielyan wrote, adding: "In general, this means that two polars  – Israel-Russia-Azerbaijan and US-China-Iran are being formed now. This is the most serious geopolitical event of the past 500 years. And we are in the center of this. Let me be clearer, propaganda aimed at 'disintegrating Syunik' will start soon in Armenia. That propaganda will have nothing in common with Armenia. We will prevent it and that is it."

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