Exhibition "My Shushi" proving the Armenian origin of the fortress town opened in Stepanakert

Panorama, Armenia
May 8 2021
Culture 15:47 08/05/2021NKR

Exhibition entitled "My Shushi" opened on Saturday at Mesrop Mashtots University in Artsakh capital Stepanakert, Artsakhpress news agency reported. The exhibition has been organised at the joint initiative of the University's Caucasus Research Center, the Faculty of Foreign Languages and the University Library.  

Senior researcher at the Caucasus Research Center Hovik Avanesov has told Artsakhpress that the exhibition features archival materials about Shushi, including original documents, around 110 books about different aspects of the life in the Armenian fortress town published in Armenian, Russian, English and French in different years. 

"The materials represent thorough research about Shushi with their archive photos, analysis, scientific works, magazines and journals. The crafts and arts of Shushi are also on display, showing the occupation of the town's Armenian population since 1852. Old certificates from 1920 issued by Shushi educational institutions in Armenian and Russian are among the materials as well as postcards from the 1800s with Armenian messages on them. Those are vivid examples showing Shushi's Armenian heritage," said Avanesov, adding some of the exhibits are displayed for the first time. 

The exhibition will be open to public till May 10, after which all materials, including digitized books and documents will be available to watch on the official website of Mesrop Mashtots University.  

In Avanesov's words, the resources will serve valuable source for all researchers to undertake a research or analytical works about Shushi.

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