Armenia’s third president declines first president’s proposal to participate in elections with a bloc

Aysor,  Armenia
May 7 2021

Following the sharp refusal of Robert Kocharyan to participate in elections jointly, Armenia’s first president Levon Ter-Petrosyan met on May 1 with Armenia’s third president Serzh Sargsyan offering him to make ANC-RPA bloc and participate in the elections together and prepared relevant statement of the two ex-presidents.

“Indeed, this format would not have the same efficiency as the trilateral one. But the second proposal was rejected too by Serzh Sargsyan,” Levon Ter-Petrosyan said in a statement today.

He stressed that by revealing the statements and the intentions he wanted to exert pressure on the second and third presidents considering the creation of bloc not excluded yet.

“Judging from the response to my first publication I consider that I have partially reached my goal. Numerous political figures, analysts, journalists, intellectuals who never supported me welcomed the initiative,” Ter-Petrosyan said.

“No matter what they say the only way to prevent the danger of reproduction of criminal and nature-destructive Pashinyan regime and to avoid the new disasters would have been the creation of bloc of the three presidents. Otherwise, we are under threat of fierce elections with the full usage of administrative, financial and criminal resources the outcome of which will be more disastrous for Armenia and Artsakh than the humiliating defeat in the last war,” the first president stated.

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