Armenia’s second president to announce format of participation in snap elections in nearest future

Aysor, Armenia
May 5 2021

The office of Armenia’s second president Robert Kocharyan responded to the publication of the first president Levon Ter-Petrosyan on joint participation in snap parliamentary elections.

The head of the office Viktor Soghomonyan said Robert Kocharyan declined the proposal for moral reasons explaining that in case snap elections take place he plans to participate in them in other format.

“Besides, this step would have harmed the Homeland Salvation Movement. This is the reality,” Soghomonyan noted.

“It may seem that Ter-Petrosyan told everything right, and I simply repeat what he told. But it is not so. In particular, he seems to have accidentally slipped that Homeland Salvation Movement has been created by president Kocharyan,” Soghomonyan stressed.

“P.S. As to the proposal to head to snap elections together we have already selected other format of participation about which we will announce in the nearest future,” the head of the third president’s office said.

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