Lebanon Celebrates 115 Years of AGBU with Virtual Festivities

AGBU Press Office
55 East 59th Street
New York, NY 10022-1112

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

AGBU's longtime commitment to the next generation of global Armenian citizens 
has been a deep value motivating the organization since its inception. To 
celebrate and honor the 115th anniversary of AGBU, the Lebanon District 
organized an online event for the youth on April 15, 2021 titled "115 Years 
Young" to reflect upon the rich history and success of AGBU while maintaining 
its integrity throughout the years.

To continue the tradition of education, AGBU Lebanon decided to unite children 
from AGBU chapters and districts from all over the world. During this event, the 
children played educational guessing and coloring games focused on AGBU's past, 
present, and future.

This virtual event brought together children from ages 8 to 12, ranging from 
AGBU Aleppo, Armenia, Cairo, Damascus, Latakia, Lebanon, Montreal, Plovdiv, to 
the Los Angeles - area. The children were divided into 16 groups and moderated 
by a facilitator from Lebanon. Mentors from the stated chapters and districts 
were present in the groups to observe the group activities. 

Bringing together children during the midst of a global pandemic was a breath of 
fresh air for students in lockdown. In some of the participant's countries, 
schools have completely halted as a result of the constant lockdowns. Therefore, 
"115 Years Young" not only taught the younger generation of AGBU about the 
pillars of the network, but also provided them with a day of much-needed fun and 

"If there is one lesson we learned during the past year with the global 
pandemic, the Beirut Port Blast, and the Second Nagorno-Karabakh War, is that 
AGBU's mandate is as critical today as it was 115 years ago. I felt a sense of 
fulfillment supporting AGBU Lebanon's initiative that not only informed Armenian 
youth but also passed on the spirit of service and unity to future generations," 
said Mrs. Arpi Khatcherian from AGBU Cairo. 

The success of this event proved AGBU's distinct capability of bringing together 
children from uniquely different walks of life and strengthening the bonds 
between them. "115 Years Young" opened doors for similar activities to take 
place among children and teenagers. The online gathering proved to be a huge 
achievement for the organization and reinforced the AGBU motto, in unity there 
is indeed strength. 

Click here to watch the virtual event: 

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