Armen Sarkissian: Turkey and Azerbaijan must take first of 1,000 steps before opening of roads, Armenia

All the possible programs, recommendations and possible solutions to transport issues were discussed during the meetings in Georgia, and there are various schemes such as the 3+3 scheme. This is what President of Armenia Armen Sarkissian told Armenian reporters in Tbilisi.

“We discussed everything. Everyone understands that Armenia, which is in a deadlock, needs to become a crossroads, but there are a large number of hardships with regard to the opening of roads with Turkey and Azerbaijan. There are a thousand steps to take before the opening of roads, and Turkey and Azerbaijan must be the first ones to take those steps. How can Armenia forget about the Armenian Genocide? However, it’s a fact that Armenia needs more active relations and the development of political, diplomatic and economic relations with Georgia and Azerbaijan,” he said.

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