Vazgen Manukyan dubs charges brought against him as ‘ordinary political persecution’

Panorama, Armenia
March 4 2021

The candidate for PM's post from opposition Homeland Salvation Movement Vazgen Manukyan believes the charges pressed against him constitute a political persecution. "This is an ordinary example of political persecution, nothing serious," Manukyan told reporters, leaving the Investigative Committee where he was interrogated. Manukyan informed he had refused to answer any questions asked by Committee officials.

Asked what remarks made during the February 20 rally might be amounted for public calls for seizing power and overthrowing constitutional order of the country, Manukyan, said it might refer to his statements about Plan A and Plan B of the opposition future actions. 

"I was instantly called to the Investigative Committee," said Manukyan. 

To remind, Vazgen Manukyan has been charged with alleged public calls for seizing the state power, overthrowing of constitutional order by force, and  violent breach of territorial integrity of the Republic of Armenia punishable by  Article 301 of the Criminal Code of Armenia. 

Signature not to leave was chosen as a pretrial measure against him. Preliminary investigation is ongoing.

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