Armenia’s health minister reveals who will get COVID-19 vaccine free

Panorama, Armenia
Feb 18 2021

At-risk groups will be cable to get COVID-19 vaccine free as part of a state sponsored vaccination program in Armenia, Minister of Health Anahit Avanesyan told reporters at the government building on Thursday.

The list includes people aged 65 years or over, healthcare workers, citizens with chronic diseases and beneficiaries from closed institutions.

The health minister said that at the moment children are not included in the vaccination program.

“Vaccinations will not be mandatory. Information on the side effects of vaccines will be fully provided. And, of course, a group of specialists will assess the vaccines imported to Armenia, their efficiency, impact and possible side effects. A small number of vaccinations has already been carried out,” she said.

The minister said that massive vaccinations will start in the country in March.

Also, she said that Armenia’s professional commission has approved the AstraZeneca and Sputnik V vaccines for use.

Anahit Avanesyan did not reveal how much funds the state will allocate for the purchase of the vaccine, saying that at this stage she cannot provide clear information.

It still remains unknown how much the vaccines will cost to citizens who are not on the state list.   

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