We should stay ready to instantly take power through uprising every moment – Vazgen Manukyan

Panorama, Armenia
Feb 20 2021

"The moment is exciting, as 33 years ago on this day and under similar weather conditions we gathered here for our first rally that marked the beginning of the Karabakh movement," Vazgen Manukyan, the candidate for the PM's post from the Homeland Salvation Movement stated on Saturday during the opposition rally in Yerevan. 

Manukyan reminded that after the Genocide 'Artsakh was the only island settled by ethnic Armenians' who applied to rejoin with Armenia. "Artsakh applied to Mother Armenia with a desire to rejoin, and the whole nation stood up," said Manukyan. He reminded that the Karabakh movement formulated the primary task of creating an independent state based on ideas of freedom and liberty, justice in the state and prosperity for the whole people not only for a group. 

Speaking of 'the 2018 revolution' in Armenia and its consequences, Manukyan said: "What do we have after three years? We have lost everything. All our military victories vanished. Our country is not even independent, as our security is ensured by Russia which means we are totally dependent on Russians in security issues. They [government] tried to eliminate the national ideas. They have spoken about freedom, while in reality our country is turning into a police state where dedicated and patriotic people are arrested," said Manukyan, pointing also to the unfortunate situation in the economy.  

The opposition figure next spoke of the two options as a way out of the existing situation, which, in his words, require the removal of the current leaders in the first place.  

"Only after that real actions may follow. Some of the steps are not only about recovering what we have lost, but also building the state we have dreamed about. If Pashinyan is gone or replaced by others who are fond of electoral fraud, money and thirst for power,  we will again fail. It will be quite difficult as we need to rebuild our army, and our security should be ensured not by Russian but Armenian troops," said Manukyan. 

"Let me state that no matter how many rallies we hold Pashinyan may not leave the post on this own. That is why we should break the pillars supporting him. Which are those pillars? First, they are the part of our compatriots who does not realize the way our country moves forward. Our task is to explain these citizens the real state of affairs in the country. The law enforcement is the second pillar – the Police the National Security Service. They do not perceive they are serving the Turkish-Azerbaijani interests. We should be tough and convincing at the same time. We should also leave an exit strategy for those parliamentarians who are still supporting Pashinyan. Armenia must boil," said Manukyan. 

As to the second option, Manukyan noted every moment they should stay ready to uprise and instantly take the power. 

"We will proceed with the first option, always staying ready for the second one," concluded the oppositionist. 

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