You are getting worse’, opposition MP tells Armenian authorities

Panorama, Armenia
Jan 18 2021

Back on November 14, the opposition Bright Armenia Party presented a road map on how to get Armenia out of the crisis, but all problems outlined by the opposition party have remained unresolved, Edmon Marukyan, the head of the Bright Armenia parliamentary faction, said at the National Assembly on Monday.

The lawmaker reiterated the call for the country’s “defeated leader” to step down, adding Nikol Pashinyan cannot achieve pro-Armenian decisions during negotiations.

"Our claim was dismissed and condemned by the authorities, but on January 11 our assertion turned into a reality. The issues of internal solidarity, tolerance, social and economic problems … humanitarian crisis are not resolved. The political crisis also persists in the country," the MP said.

According to Marukyan, the authorities do not want to use any opportunity to show the world that they do not agree with what is happening today, that “in the 21st century our brothers and sisters are being kept in Azerbaijani prisons. "Accepting and discussing our agenda was a chance for you to show that you are against the current situation,” he stated.

Marukyan says now the parliament has to discuss the points of the road map proposed by them, even if MPs vote down the bill in the end.

"You continue to silence the opposition, relieving an opposition MP of the post of a committee chairman. You are getting worse, instead of learning lessons and getting better. Let's discuss the steps to take the country out of the crisis," Marukyan noted. 

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