Armenia’s PM manages to visit only Sisian during his visit to Syunik province

Aysor, Armenia
Dec 21 2020

Armenia’s Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan who was to spend a working day in Armenia’s Syunik province, managed to visit only Sisian.

The PM did not reach Goris, Kapan and Meghri after the residents of the province closed the roads not wanting to see him in their province.

Speaking in Sisian, the PM said that they closed the road knowing that his supporters will gather in Goris, Kapan and in Meghri.

“But I say, let it be so, we will not give in to provocations, Meghri is in its place, Kapan and Goris too. If they do not open the road for us to go to Goris, Kapan we will come next time,” the PM said.

He said he came, looked in the eyes of Syunik residents and knows that is guilty in many issues.