CivilNet: “The War Has Changed Its Nature”, Armenian Defense Ministry Says



The war continues, and it has changed its nature to some extent, noted Artsrun Hovhannisyan, representative of Armenia’s Defense Ministry, during a press conference on October 27.

“After achieving success in the lowlands, the Azerbaijani Armed Forces are trying to establish their presence in the forests and in the mountains, which is not easy to achieve. In terms of tactics, battles are becoming more difficult and intense,” Hovhannisyan said. 

The defense ministry representative mentioned that the opponent has lost its huge quantitative and technological advantage, and that this is due to various circumstances, including the location of current battles and the improvement of Armenian soldiers’ skills and experience.

“Today, the enemy attempted to carry out attacks in the direction of Berdzor. It also attempted to approach the border of the Republic of Armenia from the southern direction. All of the attempts were thwarted,” continued Hovhannisyan. “The fight against the subversive groups attempting to enter villages continues. They generally approach in small groups and bring with them light weapons. After encountering Armenian units, they retreat through the forests and mountains. These light operations continue 24 hours a day.”

Villages and towns in Karabakh’s Martuni and Askeran regions have seen the heaviest Azerbaijani missile attacks in recent days. Civilian deaths and injuries have been reported by the Office of the Human Rights Ombudsman.

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