Yerevan court postpones hearing in Serzh Sargsyan’s and others’ case

Panorama, Armenia
July 2 2020

A Yerevan court on Thursday agreed to postpone by nearly one month a hearing in the trial of third Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan and several other former officials.

One of the ex-president’s lawyers, Amram Makinyan, requested the court to postpone the hearing, citing the coronavirus-related situation in Armenia.

Meanwhile, prosecutor Arsen Martirosyan objected to the petition, arguing that all epidemiological measures were in place for the court to proceed with the hearing.

Presiding judge Vahe Misakyan granted the defense motion, scheduling the next hearing for August 6.

The Special Investigative Service charged Serzh Sargsyan with organizing an alleged embezzlement of government funds along with a group of other officials through misuse of official position in December 2019.

The indictment said that Sargsyan used his official position in January and February 2013, when he was president, to steer a government fuel contract to a particular company that cost the state an additional 489 million drams (approx. $1 million) in subsidies.

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