COVID-19: Minister Torosyan links increase in number of recovered patients with change in strategy

 15:58, 9 June, 2020

YEREVAN, JUNE 9, ARMENPRESS. Healthcare Minister of Armenia Arsen Torosyan links the increase in number of patients who recovered from the novel coronavirus with the change in the strategy.

“Today we had 350 new cases and 352 recoveries. In recent days the number of recovered patients is gradually growing, but few days ago this number was fluctuating within a few dozen – 10, 20, 30. Such change in the number is linked with the change in the strategy when in mid-May we made a decision to send asymptomatic patients to their homes and not to keep them in hotels. It turned so that at that moment nearly 1000 people were discharged from these facilities, and they were not mentioned as recovered in the system. They started a 14-day quarantine in their homes so that after home care the doctors would consider them as recovered. During these all days we considered and consider recovered only those citizens who were being discharged from hospitals after passing a double testing”, the minister said live on Facebook.

“We should not lose our vigilance and must continue taking all anti-epidemic measures, starting from keeping the social distance, disinfecting hands up to our medical actions. I want for us to be consistent with this”, he said.

He urged all citizens to strictly follow all the anti-coronavirus rules, especially wearing face masks, no matter where, be it in the street, at the meeting with friends or elsewhere.

According to the latest data, the total number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in Armenia has reached 13,675, out of which 4,451 have already recovered. The death toll has reached 217. At the moment the number of active cases stands at 8,933.

Editing and Translating by Aneta Harutyunyan

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