Tatoyan: OHCHR international independent commission reaffirmed international A status of Armenia Ombudsman

News.am, Armenia
April 27 2020

14:11, 27.04.2020

YEREVAN. – In 2019, the working international independent commission of the Secretariat of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) reaffirmed the international A status of the Human Rights Defender (Ombudsman) of Armenia. The Human Rights Defender, Arman Tatoyan, stated this Monday during the discussion in the National Assembly Standing Committee on Protection of Human Rights and Public Affairs of the annual report on the activities of the Human Rights Defender, and the state of protection of human rights and freedoms in Armenia in the year past.

"This is a high international recognition because not all countries have this status," he added, in particular. "The Human Rights Defender of Armenia is a member of the bureaus, the governing councils of international organizations."

Tatoyan added that according to the polls of the well-known International Republican Institute, the Ombudsman of Armenia has 63% confidence among the country’s population; and according to a report by Transparency International, the least corrupt body in the Armenian public perception is the institution of the Human Rights Defender.

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