Economist: Armenian government’s resources inefficient and inadequate, Armenia
Economist: Armenian government's resources inefficient and inadequate Economist: Armenian government's resources inefficient and inadequate

20:12, 29.04.2020

During a conversation with Armenian, former deputy of the National Assembly of Armenia, economist Vardan Bostanjyan said the government’s resources are inefficient and inadequate and added that the new authorities haven’t been able to achieve major results over the past two years.

“As far as the measures for support are concerned, they could have been more effective. Based on the statistics, there are very few beneficiaries of the social support programs. Per diem workers are in the most complicated situation,” the economic explained.

According to the economist, it is hard to make predictions based on economic indicators since the uncertainty and incompetent management can’t allow one to conduct an adequate analysis, but the government still predicts a 2% economic growth.

“The government’s idea of increasing capital expenditures is not a bad idea, but it’s actually not easy,” the economist added.

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