Bright Armenia Party leader responds to Armenian MP, Armenia

18:00, 29.04.2020

Head of the Bright Armenia faction of the National Assembly of Armenia Edmon Marukyan doesn’t accept deputy of the My Step faction Anush Beghloyan’s allegations that he is inciting social instability and civil disobedience with his statements.

“I’m truly shocked by your statements. I understand that the authorities and others are trying to refute our statements. Refuting is fair, but not alleging that we are inciting disturbances…We’re here to tell people the truth.

We’re telling people they have savings and telling the government to help the people with those savings, but the government says there are no savings. In that case, the government should tell us how much money there is,” Marukyan said, adding that even though he understands that the government has collected funds from people and doesn’t want to support them, that’s the people’s money, and telling people to demand their money doesn’t mean inciting civil disobedience.

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