Armenia police chief awarded by order of National Security Service director,  Armenia

18:55, 16.04.2020

Director of the National Security Service of Armenia, Colonel Eduard Martirosyan has sent a congratulatory message to Chief of Police of Armenia, Colonel Arman Sargsyan on the occasion of Police Day.

In his congratulatory message, Martirosyan underlined the strengthening of cooperation between the forces and resources of the Police and the National Security Service in the fight against crime as the achievement of the two law-enforcement systems and highlighted the effectiveness of operational intelligence measures as the major precondition for ensuring the security of Armenia and the Armenian people.

By the order of the director of the National Security Service, Chief of Police of Armenia Arman Sargsyan has been awarded the badge “For Contributions to Ensure Security of the Republic of Armenia” and a valuable gift, and several police officers have received the Medal “For Combat Cooperation”, as well as certificates and valuable gifts.

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