More than 500 of Armenia’s coronavirus infected patients need no treatment

More than 500 of Armenia's coronavirus infected patients need no treatment



 14:43, 4 April, 2020

YEREVAN, APRIL 4, ARMENPRESS. More than 500 coronavirus infected patients of Armenia receives no treatment since they do not even have temperature, ARMENPRESS reports PM Pashinyan said during a consultation on the process of the implementation of capital projects.

''By now we have 770 recoorded cases of coronavirus, unfortunately 7 deaths and 43 recoveries. At the moment there are 720 active cases'', Pashinyan said, adding that over 500 of them do not receive any treatment, since they even do not have temperature. ''Anyway, they are carriers of virus and they have to be kept isolated to prevent the spread of the virus'', Pashinyan said.

By 11:00, April 4 the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Armenia is 770. 7 cases of fatality have been recorded. 720 are active cases.

On March 16 Armenia declared a 30-day state of emergency to fight against the spread of the novel coronavirus. The state of emergency is effective until April 14, at 17:00. Strict limitations have been imposed.

Edited and translated by Tigran Sirekanyan

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