Analyst: Armenicum may be "Armenian solution" to coronavirus, Armenia
March 2 2020

16:17, 02.03.2020

YEREVAN. – It is not excluded that Armenicum may be a solution against the coronavirus, analyst Davit Aslanyan said during a meeting with reporters.

He noted that given the enthusiasm with which of this medical drug was discredited in the past, including by the use of reputable foreign media, it can be assumed that it could have had major antiviral capabilities. "The processes taking place at the time give me reason to believe that Armenicum is a serious drug," he added. "But the independent state, if it is so and if it is interested in a solution to the problem, must deal with it."

In the 2000s, the Armenicum medical drug, which was invented in Armenia, caused quite a stir in the world. Some experts had even suggested that it could be a salvation against HIV.

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