Silence of country`s leadership in connection with death of servicemen is unacceptable

Arminfo, Armenia
Feb 13 2020

ArmInfo. In the first months of 2020, 12 soldiers were already killed in our army and all of them died not from the enemy's attack,  meanwhile t the Ministry of Defense reports only unexplained circumstances, " head of the Armenian Association of Investigative Journalists Edik Baghdasaryan said.

It should be noted that since the beginning of the year, 10  servicemen became victims of unlawful acts committed in the Armenian  Armed Forces and the Artsakh Defense Army. On February 12, it became  known that two more military servicemen had died.

"The response of the country's leadership to this tragedy is only  silence. The defense ministers of Armenia and Artsakh are silent, the  presidents are silent, the speaker and parliamentarians are silent.  The Prime Minister delivers speeches, but for some reason only on  other topics. He also prefers to remain silent on this subject"   Baghdasaryan wrote  on his Facebook page.

Baghdasaryan notes that the whole nation is discussing a referendum  with a view to dismissing 7 judges of the Constitutional Court, and  he expresshis conviction that the question of deposition of judges of  the Constitutional Court is certainly not worth one soldier's life.

On the fact of the death on February 12 of two servicemen from  gunshot wounds, criminal cases were opened. According to the  Investigative Committee, an investigation is underway, necessary  investigative and other procedural actions are being taken to ensure  a comprehensive, complete and objective investigation.

On February 12, at around 11:30 a.m., on a military position of the  Defense Army soldier of the NKR Defense Army, born in 2000 Tigran  Manvelyan, received a fatal gunshot wound and died on the way to the  military hospital. On the same day, at around 13:00, another soldier,  Tigran Mkhoyan received a gunshot wound to the head. He also died on  the way to the military hospital. 

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