West Coast Armenian Genealogy Conference

Western Armenia Committee                                                       
104 N. Belmont
Glendale, CA  91206

For Immediate Release
October 1, 2019
contact- Daniel Ohanian

Armenian Genealogy Comes Arrives in CA

Glendale, CA – Finding “lost” Armenian relatives a century after the Genocide 
is a daunting task.  Genealogical research turns out to be an accessible means 
for everyday folk to achieve this end.

A small group of dedicated Armenians have been organizing conferences to train 
people on how to dig into their ancestry.

Three have been held so far in Watertown, MA (2016), Detroit, MI (2017), and 
Mahwah, NJ (2018).  Response has been overwhelming with so many interested that 
some could not be accommodated.  Hundreds of Armenians have become armed with 
the tools to trace their ancestry through research and DNA technology

For the first time, on the weekend of November 15-17, Armenians on the West 
Coast will have the opportunity share in the excitement their East Coast 
compatriots have experienced.  Organizers have reported demand from people 
living in communities in western state of the U.S. Working with them, the 
Western Armenia Committee has put together this opportunity for people in 
southern [and central] California.

Arrangements are being finalized and details will be released in the coming 
weeks about registration, hotel availability for conference participants, the 
sponsors, etc.


NR- 2019 Genlgy Conf- #1- Armenian Genealogy Comes Arrives in CA- Eng.docx


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NR- 2019 Genlgy Conf- #1- Armenian Genealogy Comes Arrives in CA- pic 2- Participants the First Armenian Genealogy Conference.jpg

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