Samvel Martirosyan: We are entering an era where everything is connected to the Internet (video)

Referring to the dangers and challenges in cybernetics, security and media expert Samvel Martirosyan expressed an opinion that we are entering an era where everything is connected to the Internet, starting from iron to TVs and so on.

According to the expert, education and literacy are important in the fight against cybercrime, as hackers use the unawareness of people. And the lack of protection and the use of adequate mechanisms leads to losses of personal data and finance.

“If we talk about hybrid wars, cybercrime and information crime are already mixed up,” the media expert notes. The latter, for example, mentioned that the Azeris broke the Armenian news website and put there misinformation for propaganda purposes.

About the recent news that the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Armenia did not announce that Armenian soldier Edgar Grigoryan had died on the New Year’s eve as a result of gunshot wounds, Martirosyan said that the Defense Ministry did not hide it such incidents and have reported them during the last 3-4 years, and there has been confidence among the public.

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