PM Nikol Pashinyan expresses support to mayoral candidate Naira Zohrabyan over online insults


Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan is highlighting the fact that all political forces running for the Yerevan City Council have remained within the law during their campaigning events.

Speaking to reporters today after visiting the Union of Veterans, the PM said that debates and high passions are normal things during campaigns. “Passions get high during campaigns and debates happen in any democratic country. What matters is that we all remained within the limits of the law,” the PM said.

He added that he is aware that the mayoral candidate from the Prosperous Armenia party had expressed concern over online insults. “I would like to express full support to her and say that indeed it is inadmissible for any citizen of Armenia to interact with another citizen with insults. Certainly, it happens sometimes when you lose nerves, it too can be understood, but, overall, we must do our best to maintain the atmosphere of mutual respect. At this moment I would like to express my support to Naira Zohrabyan,” the PM said.

Naira Zohrabyan, the MP who is running in the Yerevan elections from the Prosperous Armenia party, had earlier expressed concern about online insults targeting her. She applied to the Ombudsman of Armenia about the insults and threats. The materials were forwarded to the general prosecution for studies and proceedings.

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