The statue of Aram Manukyan is subject to transfer – Armen Abroyan: (video)

Armen Abroyan, Head of the Department for Preservation of Historical and Cultural Monuments of the Ministry of Culture, told journalist today that although the expert committee gave the status of republican significance to the monument in the Republican Square, it does not hinder the transfer of the statue of Aram Manukyan located above it.

“The statue of Aram Manukyan has been placed on a structure that has no status yet. The statue was placed without the consent of the Ministry of Culture. My personal standpoint is that it is subject to transference, and the place can be discussed.”

“It would not be a matter for the expert committee to give a status of a republican significance to a number of cultural institutions if there was a literate approach to the construction and no interference in architecture,” said Honored Architect of Armenia Artak Ghulyan.

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