President Sarkissian, grandmaster Aronian and Armenian chess – Blogger Nas Daily releases another video on Armenia (video)


Famous blogger Nas Daily, who is in Armenia these days and is making videos, released another video on July 18 which is titled ‘How Armenia Teaches Kids!’.

“Places like Armenia give me hope for a world where everyone grows up to become grandmasters in whatever they like….all thanks to Education”, the blogger said on Facebook.

The video shows Armenian President Armen Sarkissian, chess grandmaster Levon Aronian all praising chess, as well as a number of kids playing chess. “Here in the country of Armenia I was amazed to see that in addition to math and science children also learn chess”, Nas Daily said in the video, adding that here every child is taught chess with dedicated schools and classrooms. “This teaches them how to focus, compete and develop their cognitive skills. Armenia is one of the best countries at chess in the world”, he added.

Before releasing the video, the blogger posted a photo on Instagram with Armenian President Armen Sarkissian with the following note: “Most politicians only talk about politics. But this President of Armenia is so cool he thought it was better to instead joke around over a glass of 20 year old Armenian Cognac. Incredible. Thank you for hosting us, Mr. President!”.

Nas Daily has over 7 million followers. He will spend 7-10 days in Armenia and will make videos.

On July 17 he released a video titled ‘This is The Land of Free Water!”

His visit to Armenia has been organized by the initiative of the Civil Aviation Committee and the State Tourism Committee.

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