Pavlik Manukyan: Edvard Grigoryan “accidentally” shot and injured the policeman (video)

It turns out that today’s unexpected statement by defendant Pavlik Manukyan in the case of “Sasna Tsrer” does not express the general viewpoint of the members of the group.

To remind, today he said that Edvard Grigoryan “accidentally” shot and injured the policeman, while Smbat Barseghyan is charged with murder.

“This statement is not everyone’s point of view, but his personal statement, which has not been agreed with the group and does not express a common view,” Varuzhan Avetisyan stated during the court hearing that there would be no disagreement among the public. One of the members of the group, Areg Kyureghyan, who was released from custody, told reporters that he would not comment on any information or statement on the criminal case.

The full article is available here.

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