Minas Avetisyan’s frescoes are at stake

Minas Avetisyan Foundation Board Chairman Arman Avetisyan said today that Minas Avetisyan’s frescos were in danger.

“There is no direct funding and it is ingired now. It was not directly spoken of during the former Minister of Culture, and now we have been asking for more than a month to meet with the newly appointed Minister. ”

To date, the Fund representatives have been waiting for the response from the Ministry of Culture.

Arman Avetisyan stated that Minas Avetisyan’s “Night” fresco was at stake. According to him, all the paintings of Minas Avetisyan should be returned to Gyumri, but there were no conditions for that.

“The problem of the “Night “fresco costs about $ 18-20 thousand and the “Armenia” fresco should be studied yet,” Arman Avetisyan said.

The board chairman suggested to finally collect all the frescoes in one place.

“I suggest creating a monumental museum in Gyumri. This will also stimulate tourism development.”