Lawyer: Edward Grigoryan did not shoot during police patrol regiment

Yervand Varosyan, the advocate of the member of Sasna Tsrer group Edward Grigoryan, told “A1 +” that Edward Grigoryan did not shoot randomly two years ago in the police patrol regiment. “The fact is that Edward Grigoryan has nothing to do with injuries to any person during the seizure of the police patrol regiment.” said the lawyer.

To the question why today Pavel Manukyan announced that Armen Bilijan, member of Sasna Tsrer, was charged with false accusation, he replied: “Armen Bilyan is not the one who accidentally shot at the police station. The man who died because of accidental shooting, he wad wounded by the friend of mine, my dear friend Edward Grigoryan. Please restore justice,” said Pavel Manukyan.