Azeri FM: Tehran, Baku cooperation on energy to expand

Iranian Government News
December 21, 2017 Thursday

Azeri FM: Tehran, Baku cooperation on energy to expand

Tehran: The official news agency of Iran (IRNA) has issued following news:

Foreign Minister of Azerbaijan Republic Elmar Mammadyarov said on
Wednesday cooperation between Tehran and Baku in the field of energy
is to be expanded. He added that the two sides intend to make optimum
use of the existing capacities in the fields of energy, transport and

In a joint press conference with his Turkish and Iranian counterparts,
Mammadyarov said at the 5th ministerial meeting a joint statement was
signed, which was common political stances on Quds City, and expansion
of trilateral cooperation in the fields of economy and culture.

'We considered the issue of Palestine and Quds in the trilateral
meeting,' he continued that the three countries cannot accept the
recent US decision to this form and in this connection a draft
resolution was submitted to the UN General Assembly and the three
countries are to vote positive to the resolution.

He added that President Aliyev stated Azerbaijan Republic stance on
Quds in Istanbul meeting and called for revision of US president Trump

Concerning Karabakh dispute, Mammadyarov said that in the mid-January
the new round of talks between foreign ministers of Azerbaijan
Republic and Armenia will be held.

'Our former negotiation in Vienna took eight hours', he said.

The 5th trilateral foreign ministers meeting of Iran, Turkey and
Azerbaijan Republic was held in Baku on Wednesday and by issuing a
statement wrapped up its work.

The next meeting will be held in Turkey.

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