Two Armenian skiers practically have Olympic rating

Armenia’s skiing team returned from Finland, where they held a training camp under the guidance of head coach Artur Mikaelyan and took part in rating tournaments, the official website of the National Olympic Committee of Armenia reports.

Our skiers performed at the FIS World Ranking in four cities of Finland.

“To participate in the Beijing Olympics, FIS rating should be 100 points and less. At present, Sergey Mikayelyan has 55 points and has already secured the Olympic ticket. The same can be said about Mikayel Mikayelyan, who has scored 91 points. Tadevos Poghosyan (105) is also close to the Olympic norm. Katya Galstyan has 150 points and can hope for a “white card”. On January 20, FIS will announce the names of the participants of the 2018 Olympic Games, “said the team’s chief coach.