President: Adventurers should realize that attempts to shake the state’s foundations in Armenia are doomed to failure, …

ARMINFO News Agency, Armenia

President: Adventurers should realize that attempts to shake the
state's foundations in Armenia are doomed to failure, no issue will be
resolved through violence and weapons

Yerevan December 22

Tatevik Shahunyan. In the activity of the National Security Service of
Armenia, the priority was and remains the preservation of the
constitutional order in the country, said at a solemn meeting
dedicated to the Day of an employee of the national security,
President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan.

"Adventurers should realize that attempts to shake the state's
foundations in Armenia are doomed to failure.In Armenia, no issue will
be resolved through violence and weapons.The monopoly on the
legitimate use of force belongs to the Republic of Armenia.All issues
should be resolved in accordance with the laws and the Constitution" ,
Sargsyan stated, stressing that there is no doubt that the National
Security Service of Armenia is capable of stopping all attempts at
encroachment on the statehood. "The evidence of my words is your
effective actions during the July events in Yerevan (the capture by
the Sasna Tsrer group of the Polka Patrol Police Service)," the head
of state said, advising all those who plan to bypass the Constitution
to achieve the personal ambitions and ambitions of individual groups
,refrain from such plans, because law enforcement agencies of the
republic within the law can easily neutralize these attempts.

Further, the president praised the staff of the National Security
Service for effective struggle against transnational and intra-state

He also focused on the effective fight against corruption. According
to him, during the last year, high- profile corruption crimes were
revealed. "This is a good signal both for the society and for
high-ranking officials," the president said, stressing that the fight
against corruption is on serious lines, but more work is needed. "In
your structure I must stress that the fight against such corrosive
phenomena must be more acute and tough, and my expectations in this
area are very large from you. I am sure that you will have enough
experience and skills to effectively combat this evil. It is necessary
to work actively in all state structures, especially in the judicial
and legal system, "the president said.

The head of state drew the attention of the sphere's employees and
reports of international organizations on fighting corruption.
"Armenia should not deviate from its positions in these reports, for
this purpose it is necessary to identify and remove all the
shortcomings," Sargsyan said, stressing that positive dynamics is
needed in the fight against Armenia's corruption. "We did it and do it
not for international structures, but for ourselves, our fellow
citizens are waiting for us, and we can not retreat in this
direction." I will not accept any justifications, "he said.

The President highly appreciated the work of the special services
during all-republican events, including during the elections. At the
same time he reminded that in 2018 three major events are expected in
Armenia, the proper and safe conduct of which is a matter of honor.
"And the lion's share of responsibility for this will fall on your
shoulders: the festivities in honor of the 100th anniversary of the
Republic of Armenia and the May victories, the 2800th anniversary of
Yerevan and the Francophonie summit." My instruction is to prepare
very seriously for these events, "he said. He added that these events
open new horizons for presenting Armenia to the world. Summarizing his
speech, the President stressed that his main goal is to form the best
service of national security not only in the region, but also on the
international arena. To this end, Sargsyan focused on the need to
improve the level of training of NSS officers and the technical
re-equipment of the structure. He also did not ignore the social
problems of the NSS staff.

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