After her daughters death Varduhi Khacheryan starts painting

It is already three years since a 67-year-old Varduhi Khacheryan has started painting and writing. After loosing her 37 years’ old daughter she found relief in creating.

“I started painting and, I don’t know why, but it started helping me after all that pain and grief. I felt how I was painting, the presence of a strong power, and probably it was God who helped me from above. I see the picture, it comes to my sight and then I paint it. I do not just start painting,” she said.

Her life and her inner world are on the canvas. There were 37 canvases exhibited in the Naregatsi Art Institute in summer.

She is from Yerevan. Her father’s family, who survived Genocide, ran away to France, and her mother’s family moved to Georgia. Her son currently lives in France with his family. After her daughter’s and husband’s death she has been alone. Sometimes she is visited by her grandchildren and sister.

Details are available in the video

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