US might impose sanctions against buyers of Russian weapons (video)

Voice of America

From January 29, 2018, the United States will launch sanctions against private companies and individuals who will have “significant deals” with a number of companies and individuals in the Russian defense and intelligence fields. State Department Spokesman Heather Nauert said the United States executive body had already compiled a list of individuals and companies that were parts of the Russian security sector, the collaboration with which could lead to sanctions.

“Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has ordered the State Department to develop a guideline for the public, which lists individuals and companies that are part of Russia’s security or intelligence spheres.”

More than three dozen Russian companies are involved in the preliminary version of the list released by The New York Times, including Almaz Antey, a manufacturer of missile systems, Kalashnikov and Uralvagonzavod weapon manufacturers, as well as Sukhoi and Tupolev military corporations.

Heather Nauert said that the full list would be published in the next few days, but first it had been presented to the US Congressmen.

To remind, according to the law adopted by Congress, the US Department of State has committed itself to regularly submit a list of Russian Defense and Intelligence Officers with whom citizens and companies in the United States and other countries, who cooperate with them may be subjected to sanctions.

“From January 29, 2018, the law will require the Secretary of State to impose certain sanctions against companies that, being aware of the sanctions in advance, will make substantial deals with those involved in the list.”

According to a law passed by the Congress earlier, those individuals and companies can avoid sanctions whose cooperation with those in the list is connected with civilian purposes and does not contradict the US interests.

In response, the Russian Federation has decided to conduct a series of ballistic missiles tests, and ban pork imports from the United States to Russia.

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