ANKARA: Tomorrow May Be Too Late!

Milliyet. Turkey
Aug 28 2017

Tomorrow May Be Too Late!

by Fuat Bol

[Armenian News note: the below is translated from Turkish]

Opportunities in general and historic opportunities in particular are
prizes; if their value is known, all will be good, but if their value
is not known, the ship will sail!

Once [former] US President [George H. W.] Bush had proposed [former
President Turgut] Ozal to jointly enter Iraq. The Americans would
enter from the south and we would enter from the north. Ozal had said
all right, but he had not been to convince the chief of staff, who
used to be "the bearer of the leadership role" at that time.

In fact, the chief of staff had resigned in order to avoid carrying
out the order in question. The chief of staff who had replaced him had
come to office on that condition and he had resisted. Eventually the
project had failed.

And instead of us the United States had cooperated with the Kurds and
it had entered Iraq with their support.

In return for what? In the short run, in return for the north of the
30th parallel and in the long run, in return for the Greater Kurdistan
which would be established by taking territory first from Syria and
later from Iran and Turkey!

Among the United States's plans there is also an Armenia project which
will be based in Van and which will include six provinces in its

With the Iraq' war, the Syrian war, their disintegration, and even
with the PKK [Kurdistan Workers' Party]-PYD [Democratic Union Party]
and DA'ISH [Arabic acronym for ISIS] they are merely putting these
projects into practice.

Those who used to oppose Ozal then and even today argued and continue
to argue that [Iraq] was a quagmire, that we would not be able to get
out once we entered, and that we would drown there. Hello! We did not
intend to enter Iraq for winning territory. We intended to enter for
securing our borders and preventing separatist terrorist organizations
from settling there.

For example, today we have entered Syria with Operation Euphrates
Shield. Are we in Syria for the sake of territory? There is no doubt
that we do not have any designs in anyone's territory but we are
obliged to do this for the sake of the security of our borders.

Had we been able to secure our borders then, the calamity called the
PKK would hot have grown this much and it would not have hurt us so

Currently the same thing is happening in the north of Syria. We have
undersigned great success with the first Operation Euphrates Shield,
but this is not enough. This is because by giving the PYD 1,000 trucks
full of arms and ammunition, the United States wants to root out the
Turks from there, to ensure that that strip reaches the Mediterranean
by means of Azez, and to allocate the entire northern Syria to the

Turkey should never allow this.

Turkey should not believe the United States's lies to the effect that
those weapons will only be used against DA'ISH and it should take the
required steps. The requirement in question is a second operation and
blocking the route from the north to the Mediterranean.

The bells for the independence in northern Iraq have already begun
tolling. Even though the United States says that now is not a good
time, it should be known that tomorrow is an unknown tomorrow!

Look, Israel has already announced that it will recognize Kurdistan,
which was placed before it just like a plum!

A British, Israeli, and American game is being played in the Middle
East and projects are being put into practice step by step.

Turkey should spoil this game before it becomes a part of it!

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