Art: Aivazovsky’s Family Arrives in Crimea for 200th Anniversary

Asbarez Armenian News

Ivan Aivazovsky’s relatives in Crimea.

YEREVAN (Armenpress)–The descendants of painter Ivan (Hovhannes) Aivazovsky arrived in Crimea to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the great artist.

In Simferopol, the painter’s descendants laid flowers at the memorials of the Aivazovsky brothers: Ivan Aivazovsky and his older brother, Gabriel Aivazovsky, who was an Archbishop of the Armenian Apostolic Church.

“Great people unite countries, continents and peoples, which is affirmed by the arrival of the descendants of the Armenian people’s son, Hovhannes Aivazovsky, and that even in the remote Australia, they do not forget about Crimea, where their ancestor was born,” the President of Crimea’s Armenian charitable foundation, Luys, told TASS.

Numerous additional events are scheduled to take place in Crimea for the 200th anniversary of the great painter.

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