‘We also have petitions against Azerbaijan in the ECHR regarding brutal behavior’, Hayk Alumyan

Aravot, Armenia

As reported earlier, according to the ECHR data, Armenia is the absolute leader among the 47-member states of the Council of Europe, with about 70 applications filed in the ECHR, per 100,000 residents. “This means that our lawyers work quite well. I was glad when I heard about that number. Of course, I am not delighted with our judicial system and law enforcement, but I am sure that the human rights situation in Azerbaijan is worse than it is here. If we have lodged more complaints than they have, it proves that our lawyers are active”, said lawyer Hayk Alumyan, referring to the data.

Unlike our country, in the case of Azerbaijan, the number of applications per 100,000 population is 20. And the number of protests against Armenia submitted to the ECHR is 1817, more than 40% of which are applications from Azerbaijan (complaints of Azerbaijani refugees of the 1992-1994 war and compensation for property damage during the April 2016 war).

According to the lawyer, this does not imply the Armenian side’s failure. “We cannot prohibit them from submitting applications against the RA, there are no such levers. We also have petitions against Azerbaijan, regarding cruel and brutal behavior during the April war”, noted Hayk Alumyan.