Criminal cases launched into Azerbaijan’s targeting Armenian settlements, Armenia

YEREVAN. – A criminal case has been launched in the Criminal Department of the Tavush Investigative Department of the Armenian Investigative Committee into the shelling by the Azerbaijani armed forces of Chinari village of Tavush province, its kindergarten, destroying and damaging the property of villagers and attempting to kill minors on July 20. 

From 1:00 pm to 6:30 pm on July 20, the Azerbaijani armed forces fired in the direction of Chinari village, targeting peaceful residents, the Investigative Committee informed Armenian News –

In particular, shots were fired in the direction of a minor (born in 2000) in the Chinari village cemetery, who hid behind a tomb in order to protect himself from the bullets of the adversary and remained there for about two hours.

The village was subjected to lengthy shelling, as a result of which the kindergarten of the village, houses of the villagers, their property and grass heaps were damaged. According to the preliminary data, the incurred loss amounts to more than 12 million AMD.

Five criminal cases have been launched in the Investigative Department of Tavush provincial Investigative Department. 

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