Alexander Iskandaryan: there is no need to wait Karabakh conflict settlement in upcoming prospect

ArmInfo, Armenia

ArmInfo. The fact that there is currently a tense situation at Karabakh conflict zone is completely unrelated to the previous presidential elections in Artsakh, such  opinion was expressed at the press conference by the director of Caucasus Institute Alexander Iskandaryan.

According to him, this is only a continuation of the policy launched  by Baku on the permanent escalation of the situation at the conflict  zone. According to Iskandaryan, Azerbaijan, understanding the  impossibility of a large-scale war, will maintain tension all the  time at the conflict zone and in the near future no decision on the  Karabakh issue is foreseen. "Similarly, Azerbaijan is trying to exert  pressure on the Armenian society, but so far it has failed," the  expert assured. As for the possibility of repeating the April events,  Iskandaryan stated that the April escalation showed that the balance  of power is equal. "The authorities of Azerbaijan, which were  preparing for these military actions for 22 years, did not achieve a  special result, they just spent billions of dollars in vain, and now  it is obvious that to expect a repeat of the April events in the near  future definitely is not worth it, especially since the balance of  power for Recently changed in favor of the Artsakh Armed Forces, "the  expert said.

According to Iskandaryan's statement, Artsakh authorities understand  that now international community is unlikely to solve Karabakh issue.  "Against the background of other serious problems in the world – the  Syrian crisis, the Ukrainian problem, the Karabakh issue is not a  priority for the international community now. Therefore, Artsakh,  strengthening presidential power, is now trying to maximally  stabilize the situation in the country and on the border. As practice  shows, conflicts of this kind often last for decades, and at the  moment, there is no way out of this deadlock, " Iskandaryan said.  

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