‘We Will Not Keep Silent’: US Congressmen and Protest of Armenian Community in Front of the Residence of the Turkish Ambassador

Aravot, Armenia

“We will not keep silent,” was the motto of the Armenian, Kurdish and Yezidi communities’ protest in front of the Turkish ambassador’s residence. The demonstration was held as a protest against the incident happened right here on May 16, during which the bodyguards of Turkish President Erdogan in the United States beat the Americans who rallied against Erdogan.

“We are deeply offended that he and his bandits interfered in a peaceful demonstration”, says Congressman McGovern.

According to Congressman John Sarbanes, he would never have imagined that such a thing is possible on the American land: “This shows how deeply violence, aggression, and monarchy are rooted in Turkey”.

Despite the hot and wet weather, dozens of Americans, ethnic Armenians, Kurdish and Yezidis, came out to protest in front of the Turkish ambassador’s residence in the United States. Aram Hamparian, executive director of the Armenian National Committee of Washington, who recorded the incident on May 16, said the rally is a matter of principle: “We are here today to say that Turkey has no right to deny Americans’ rights”.

According to Hamparian, Turkey has been trying to influence US policy over the years to prevent recognition of Armenian Genocide, and the incident was the climax of that policy. “Voice of America” had also asked for comments from the Turkish Embassy, but did not receive an answer at the time of the publication of the video.

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