BAKU: Lapshin getting sentenced is triumph of justice

Trend News Agency (Baku, Azerbaijan)
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Baku: Lapshin getting sentenced is triumph of justice

by Seba Aghayeva, Trend News Agency, Baku, Azerbaijan

July 20--Spokesman for the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry Hikmat
Hajiyev, commenting on the court decision against blogger Alexander
Lapshin, said that Azerbaijan is a rightful state and court's decision
requires respect.

In line with the decision of the court of first instance, Lapshin was
sentenced to three years in prison, Hajiyev told Trend and noted that
justice has been done.

During the investigation and the trial, all the rights of Alexander
Lapshin were ensured, according to him.

"Taking this opportunity, we urge citizens of foreign states not to
become a tool of Armenian propaganda, to refrain from illegal visits
to the occupied Azerbaijani territories and illegal actions in those
territories," Hajiyev said.

"Azerbaijan will continue to take decisive and necessary steps to
prosecute in line with national and international law, in order to
prevent activities against the territorial integrity and sovereignty
of Azerbaijan, and illegal actions in the occupied territories."

Alexander Lapshin is a citizen of several countries and had a criminal
collusion with Armenians in the occupied Azerbaijani territories. He
also illegally visited these territories.

Lapshin was accused of violating Azerbaijani laws on state border in
April 2011 and October 2012. On Jan. 17, Alexei Stuk, deputy
prosecutor general of Belarus, issued a ruling on Lapshin's
extradition to Azerbaijan. Lapshin was brought to Azerbaijan on Feb.

On July 20, Lapshin was sentenced to three years in prison by the Baku
Court on Grave Crimes.

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