Education: Robots, designed by the children of the children`s center "Tumo", perfectly coped with the task of confronting global dehydration

ArmInfo, Armenia

ArmInfo. The robots designed by the students of the Armenian Center for Creative Technologies "Tumo", coped well with the task set by the organizers of the  international First Global Olympiad in robotics.

Armenian children succeeded in constructing robots that had been  given to them at the olympiad, who were able to distinguish the blue  balls from the red ones and in a limited time to collect their  specific quantity in a certain place. The animals of "Tumo" cope with  this task perfectly, nevertheless gave way to the team of the united  Europe and Poland, but at the same time left 160 countries behind  them.

"This is at first glance the task set by the organizers of the  Olympiad does not seem too complicated, considering the progress that  such technological direction as robotics is experiencing at the  present stage, but for children – beginning designers it is rather  difficult. We are glad that "Tumo" in the international arena  continues to hold high the flag of Armenia, thereby justifying the  numerous positive assessments that the center receives from the  international expert community," ArmInfo was told in the center.

To note, the theme of this year on First Global was the problem of  global dehydration and young participants of the Olympiad made their  unusual technological contribution to it.

Armenian center of creative technologies "Tumo" recently entered the  top ten most innovative schools in the world according to the French  magazine We Demain. The center is not limited to working in the  Armenian capital and has branches in Gyumri, Dilijan and the capital  of Artsakh Stepanakert.

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