Armenia is malaria, polio, measles and congenital rubella free

Armenpress News Agency, Armenia

Armenia is malaria, polio, measles and congenital rubella free

YEREVAN, JULY 19, ARMENPRESS. Armenia is classified as polio-free and
malaria-free by the World Health Organization. Local measles and
congenital rubella syndromes have also been eliminated.

The elimination of these diseases is the result of large-scale
actions, especially preventive vaccinations, Lilit Avetisyan, deputy
director of the National Center of Disease Prevention and Control told

“WHO recognized Armenia as malaria-free in 2011, and in 2002 as
polio-free. No polio cases have been recorded even since 1995, when at
that time this disease continued to be diagnosed in many countries
worldwide”, she said.

Malaria cases were diagnosed in Armenia since 1994, which was an
obstacle for tourism. But through large scale work, this disease has
been eliminated.

However, during the past 7 years Leishmaniasis is observed in Armenia.

“In the last 5-7 years, more than one dozen cases were recorded. This
disease hasn’t been seen in Armenia for dozens of years, this
activeness is associated with the presence of this disease in the
neighboring countries”, she said.

Avetisyan said the center and the healthcare ministry is taking
appropriate and relevant actions in this direction as well.