Armenian lobbying activity in France records progress over past years

Armenpress News Agency, Armenia
July 14, 2017 Friday

Armenian lobbying activity in France records progress over past years

YEREVAN, JULY 14, ARMENPRESS. The Armenian lobbying activity in France
recorded progress both in political and public spheres over the past
years, Murad Papazian- Co-Chair of the Coordination Council of the
Armenian Organizations of France, told a press conference in

He stated that the Turkish-Azerbaijani lobby put a goal to eliminate
or weaken the Armenian community of France.

“Contrary to this, I can state that we succeeded and they failed. By
recording failure, the Ambassadors of Turkey and Azerbaijan have
changed. For instance, when the bill criminalizing the denial of the
Armenian Genocide was put into circulation, the parliament has always
voted in favor of us. Regardless of who were majority in the
parliament, be the left-wing or right-wing parties, they always voted
in favor of us. We have always benefited in the political field”,
Murad Papazian said.

Papazian added that despite the success active works must continue
since the Turkish-Azerbaijani lobby tries to open new page. In
particular, they have decided to greatly politicize their community in

“In these circumstances we recorded success during the elections. We
have established quite good ties with the newly-elected president,
discussed a number of issues relating to the Armenian-French ties, the
Armenian Genocide and Artsakh. The society, the political leadership
have positive attitude towards Armenians. We are French-Armenians,
citizens of France, they perceive us in this way, they know that we
are not linked with Armenia’s government, the President of Armenia or
the Prime Minister do not guide us. But in case of Turks and
Azerbaijanis the situation is different. People in France know quite
well that Erdogan, Aliyev guide their communities in France. This
means that they interfere in the internal life of France, whereas
Armenia doesn’t”, Murad Papazian added.

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