Armenian community of France plans to continue Artsakh recognition efforts

Panorama, Armenia

July 14 2017

The Armenian community of France plans to continue its efforts for the international recognition of Artsakh, Murad Papazian Co-Chair of the Coordinating Council of France's Armenian organizations and ARF Bureau member, told a news conference on Friday. 

Mr. Papazian reminded that the French city of Alfortville has signed a cooperation agreement with Berdzor town of Artsakh, which means that the French city recognizes Berdzor as an Armenian town.

“This is a very important fact. Such examples should be numerous. In case 20-50 French cities recognize equal number of Artsakh settlements as Armenian towns, it will help Artsakh to achieve international recognition,” the speaker said.

In Mr. Papazian’s words, the Artsakh issue is also a priority for the Armenian community in France.

“Serious work has been carried out in the recent years and we will continue to take more active measures aimed at gaining political sympathy for Artsakh in France and to bring together French political figures around the issue,” he noted.

Murad Papazian said that he has close ties with the official circles in France and they are well aware of Aliyev and Erdogan regimes.

“All of them realize that the ties with Turkey and Azerbaijan cannot reach far. Aliev's regime does not enjoy popularity in France,” Mr. Papazian said.

According to the French-based Armenian politician, people in France are well aware that it is Azerbaijan that does not want to establish peace, seeking a military solution to the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. “One day, I believe that day is not far way, the [OSCE Minsk Group] Co-Chairing countries will take a decision over the Artsakh conflict. Such a situation starting from 1994 is unacceptable for the peoples,” he added.

Mr. Papazian said that they are getting ready for a long-term struggle, expecting the Armenian diplomacy to be the best in France in this respect.

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