Alexander Iskandaryan: Karabakh issue can remain open dozens, if not hundreds of years

ARMINFO News Agency, Armenia
July 13, 2017 Thursday

Alexander Iskandaryan: Karabakh issue can remain open dozens, if not
hundreds of years

Yerevan July 13

Ani Mshetsyan. "The result of the meeting in Brussels of the Foreign
Ministers of Armenia and Azerbaijan is a simple statement of the
negotiation process continues." The fact that Azerbaijan did not
cancel the meeting despite the aggravation of the situation on the
border is very revealing. "The aggravation of the conflict is the
tactics of Azerbaijan. Time has become a habit to combine negotiations
with the aggravation of the Karabakh conflict, "said Alexander
Iskandaryan, Director of the Caucasus Institute at a press conference
on July 13 at a press conference in Yerevan..

As the expert noted, Azerbaijan, combining the negotiation process
together with the exacerbations on the border, is trying, therefore,
to exert pressure on Armenia. "To think that the negotiation process
can lead to the cessation of shooting is wrong, while Azerbaijan is
not ready for a full-scale war, so the pressure on the Armenian side
is rather psychological, but in the near future, the situation can not
be ruled out," the expert said.

According to the political scientist, the result of the meeting of the
foreign ministers of Armenia and Azerbaijan is not, which should be
expected. All expectations were that Azerbaijan was expected to
establish confidence-building measures, but official Baku is
desperately resisting it, since the establishment of these measures
will consolidate the situation that exists at the moment. "And
Azerbaijan does not like such a scenario," Iskandaryan said.

Also, the political scientist noted that at the moment there are no
prerequisites for the recognition of the Republic of Artsakh by
Armenia, as this would mean the collapse of the Minsk agreements,
which is currently unprofitable for Yerevan. "At the moment, the talks
are aimed at the talks, and the Armenian side will try to exert
pressure and stop the violence of Azerbaijan through the negotiation
process, but in this situation, political pressure alone is not
enough," the political scientist said. "No one can solve the conflict
for us, neither the Minsk Group nor anyone else, but the decision of
Armenia does not suit Azerbaijan, and vice versa." There is also no
option of a compromise that would be arranged by both sides. "Thus,
the Karabakh issue can remain open Dozens, even hundreds of years,
"Iskandaryan concluded.

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