‘Serzh Sargsyan is my military fellow, will remain my military fellow, it is an axiom, you understand?’ Sasun Mikaelyan

Aravot, Armenia

“Yelq” bloc boycotted and did not partake in the first session of the newly formed National Assembly, during Serzh Sargsyan’s and Catholicos’ speeches until Serzh Sargsyan left. And during Yerevan City Mayor Taron Margaryan’s inauguration day Serzh Sargsyan similarly made a speech and “Yelq” decided to participate, not to boycott. If the principle was that you boycott Serzh Sargsyan’s speech, why did you do that in the Parliament and not in the Municipality? To this question, “Yelq” bloc MP Sasun Mikaelyan answered: “Was “Yelq” present in the Municipality? I am not informed. Well, the Parliament is a little bit another tribune.”

Asked whether he neglects the case of the Municipality, Sasun Mikaelyan replied: “No, I do not neglect, but we have expressed our viewpoint from this common high tribune. I have told then as well, that this has somehow been a step of a discontent. I personally, would have not participated, forasmuch as we have seen in these years…”

Asked why he would have not participated, whether he disliked Serzh Sargsyan that much, Sasun Mikaelyan replied: “Serzh Sargsyan is my military fellow, will remain, my military fellow, it is an axiom, you understand? Another path we have passed together. But it does not mean that from the political standpoint, we should not do that, leave the principles.”



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