Armenia, Azerbaijan may launch war over Karabakh if necessary – analyst

Tert, Armenia

17:53 • 12.07.17

The parties to the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict are consistently preparing for military actions to initiate war upon necessity, a political analyst said today, commenting on the Armenian and Azerbaijani foreign ministers’ recent meeting.

At a news conference in Yerevan, Vigen Hakobyan also highly praised Armenia’s resolute stance on bringing to life the 2016 Vienna arrangements.

“I think there is now a stable balance of forces not allowing [the sides] to push ahead with their opinions, but you know that in the modern world, war is not limited to only weapons and military actions. It is part of bigger policies, so without any direct support or incitement by superpowers – or at least one of them – no all-out wars are ever triggered,” he said.